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brings clarity and understanding to complex data

stories and insights

From data stories to news media to graphics for academic papers and annual reports for companies we create insights and data stories for a complex world.

data visualizations

Our bespoke charts and maps are uniquely tailored as powerful tools for analyzing, interpreting, and presenting complex information in a visually engaging manner.

Spike map of the EU. The height and color of the spikes represent the population density at the respective point.
Multiple charts showing the number of beds per 1000 people through the years in the Nordic countries. A bigger chart on the left shows the total number of beds, while 4 smaller on the right show beds by care facility (chronic care, acute care, residential long-term care and residential long term-care over 65 years). The overall trend is a decline of number of beds with a few exceptions in long-term and chronic care facilities.
A cartogram showing the rate of disease burden from depression for all countries in 2019. The bigger the size of the country and the darker the color, the biggest the rate of disease burden is (measured in Disability-Adjusted Life Years)

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services we offer

bespoke charts and maps

Complexity in data demands a more nuanced approach than what standard chart types can offer. We analyse and visualise you data by mirroring the intricacies and complexities of your data to foster comprehension and insights that might otherwise go unnoticed.

visual data insights

A visual data insight combines concise text descriptions of key data trends and correlations with accompanying data visualizations, providing a comprehensive and accessible understanding of the data’s significance.

data storytelling

Through a narrative-centric approach, we transform data into compelling narratives. Whether it’s news stories, business presentations, annual reports, scientific analyses, or NGO documents, our expertise enhances relatability and comprehension. Across journalism, corporate sectors, and advocacy, our data storytelling elevates engagement, informed decisions, and measurable results.


Good collaboration is the cornerstone of successful design endeavors. It fosters an environment where diverse perspectives, skills, and ideas come together to create innovative solutions. We are proud to have collaborated with these organisations.

meet the team

Not the typical team, our extensive network of data visualisation specialists and journalists makes us uniquely capable of scale to your needs.

Karthik Muthuswamy
Co-founder, CEO
Data Journalist
Software Developer

Georgios Karamanis
Datavis Designer

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Anne-Marie Dufour
Data visualization and Front-end developer

Francesco Scomazzon
Data journalist

Patrick Wojda
Data visualisation engineer

Inbal Rief Ron
Data empathy designer

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