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Illustration by Gunilla Hagström for “QUIZ: Do you feel what others feel?

We are a team of visual and data storytelling experts with experience and skills in data journalism, design, illustration, research and technology. We turn data and research into visual stories.

Our mission is to make knowledge visual and inclusive.

Karthik Muthuswamy is a software developer turned data journalist. With a passion for visual storytelling, he switched fields after working in tech for a decade and studied for a Master’s in Data journalism. He is currently creating data stories at Explained: and exploring the possibilities of using technology in storytelling. You can find his website here.

Georgios Karamanis is a psychiatrist turned datavis designer. He loves data and making elegant and creative data visualizations. He has a background in visual arts and design and has previously worked as a freelance photographer. Besides client work, he has completed more than 100 personal projects in the past years. You can find him on GitHub and Twitter.


Anne-Marie Dufour is a datavis and front-end developer. With a background in computational fluid dynamics and mechanical engineering, she loves crafting data stories that leave a durable imprint. She co-authored the book D3.js in Action (third edition) and teaches data visualization development. You can find her website here.

Francesco Scomazzon is a data journalist. He is a graduate of Journalism and Editorial culture at the University of Parma and data journalism at Birmingham City University.

Patrick Wojda has worked with data visualisations for 15 years for humanitarian NGOs, start ups, newspapers and in the media industry. He has design visualisations for everything from financial storytelling, to network analysis, to Covid dashboards, to scrollytelling articles. He works with the full data pipeline where he loves to tinker with scraping, serving and visualising the data. He also organises the Stockholm Data Visualisation Meetup group.

Inbal Rief is an awarded data visualization designer and mentor with a passion for creating intuitive data empathy experiences that empower people to connect with numbers and drive social change. As Partnerships Director at Viz For Social Good and a mentor for Cross-cultural Data Visualization (CCDV) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), she prioritizes collaboration and guides others in developing impactful data visualization skills. Follow her journey here

Explained:Studio helps newsrooms, organizations, and other businesses communicate data-driven content visually and inclusively.

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