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Europe’s shift towards renewable energy

In the past two decades, the use of renewable energy in Europe has been on an upward trajectory, accounting for nearly 40% of the EU’s electricity generation in 2022, compared to less than 16% in 2004. Yet, the adoption and development of renewables vary greatly among individual countries, reflecting differences in natural resources, national policies, and strategic energy decisions.

The use of renewable energy sources for electricity generation in Europe has been on an upward trajectory over the past two decades.

Traditional energy sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power continue to have a significant role. While fossil fuels offer a reliable energy supply and grid stability, their share is gradually reducing in line with the EU’s decarbonisation targets. Nuclear power, despite being a zero-emission source and a key player in countries like France, faces diverging levels of acceptance across Europe, mainly due to concerns over safety and waste management.

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